Why is Keto Ideal for Women?

There’s actually some pretty solid reasons as to why women can really excel on the ketogenic diet, not to say that men cannot, but women actually physiologically have some advantages that make it so that they can possibly utilize fat as a fuel source even better than men. I’M going to break them down, I’m Thomas de Lauer, with keto mojo and today we’re breaking down the science of women and the keto diet. So, basically, what’s going on is women have a higher percentage of overall fat mass than men do? Basically, women are gon na be more like twelve and a half percent of their overall mass being fat, whereas men might be more like three to five. Okay.

Now, that’s not percent body fat. That’S percent total like mass right. So when we look at it like that, it actually makes sense that the female body is a little bit more efficient at utilizing fats. Now. The theory in general is that women have a little bit more body fat to handle childbearing, but it also makes sense when we look at from an oxidation standpoint.

So here’s what I mean there’s a study that was published in the Journal of medical and science and sports and exercise, and it investigated how women utilize fuel in this particular case during exercise. But it still translates into just everyday life. They found that women oxidized lipids significantly better than men and actually use a lot less carbohydrates than men, so a female body when exercising actually utilizes, what’s called beta, oxidation and actually mobilizes fat and uses fat for energy more so than a male would now. Additionally, it’s also found that women have a higher level of what is called intro Mya cellular triglyceride content. This is really cool, because this is the fat that is sort of in the muscle that readily gets used for fuel so because they have a higher degree of fat already weaved into the muscle.

It indicates that their muscle tissue in the cells are much more likely to utilize fat as a fuel source. Again, this all makes sense with keto right. We want our bodies to be adapted to using fat for fuel and it’s like the female body, is already more fat adapted than the male body. The other thing is that women have far less leucine oxidation, so the cool thing is, they burn less muscle. They waste less muscle.

Now, when we look at it from somewhat of an evolutionary standpoint, this might make sense right. We look back in time and the women were usually ones that were walking along distances and carrying somewhat large loads and carrying children, as they would trek from village to village, whereas men would have more anaerobic quick bursts where they would go out. Hunting and doing things like that, so it makes more sense that women would have more of a slow oxidizing fat burning process than men having a more carbohydrate quick-acting, quick energy response right now. Additionally, if we take a study that was published in the journal applied physiology, we find that adrenaline burns more fat in women than it does in men. Now it’s important to know that adrenaline is a big driver for hormone sensitive lipase for actual fat burning to occur.

For men and women, but it just so happens that if we were to put it into a simple analogy, form or a simple form like this, one drop of adrenaline burns a lot more fat in women than that same drop of adrenaline in men. This all makes sense right. It makes perfect sense. It’S because women have more fat that is able to be used as fuel. It would make more sense than the adrenaline would cause it to burn more.

So, basically, less of a catalyst is needed to actually burn more fat, so keto and fasting. You, a lot of the fat burning occurs because of adrenaline adrenaline mobilizes, the free fatty acids send them to the liver where they get packaged into ketones. It’S a simple process and it just makes sense with women now. The other thing that we talked about is thyroid issues right, so women are much more susceptible to hypothyroidism, which means that the ketogenic diet scares some of them off. However, when we are on a ketogenic diet, we might see a decrease in our thyroid levels, but we potentially see an increase in thyroid sensitivity, which means that, even though our levels are lower, our receptors don’t need as much thyroid to actually get the job done.

So we’ve actually decreased our need for as much thyroid, which works very, very well for women who might have a potential of going hypothyroid right. So how do we figure out if we’re in keto for fasting? Well, the simple way is utilizing your keto moto-meter right. This is exactly where it comes into play. It’S exactly where you want to measure your ketones to see, if you’re fasting, properly to see, if you’re in keto properly and to see.

If your body is utilizing those fats for fuel specifically for women in this particular case. So make sure you’re leaving the guesswork out of the equation, leave the measuring to the meter. So you can determine if you’re really living up to your full female potential with the ketogenic diet. G’Day, my name is aaron day and i’m from fat for weight loss here in australia. I’M really excited for you right now, because i’m going to introduce you to a concept that i’ve been using and my clients have been using to help you lose weight on a ketogenic diet.

Now, if you are someone, who’s tried, the ketogenic diet in the past or you’ve been tracking net carbs and you’re, just stuck and you’re unable to lose weight. Then this plan is for you, the pdf that contains all of the macros all of the recipes. The shopping list and all of the amounts for the specific ingredients is in the description of this video and in the first comment of this video. So i want you to go ahead and check that out, but because i’m from australia, i want to introduce you to a few keto friendly products that i’ve been using recently. That has really helped me along the way and might help you along the way too.

So keep an eye out for those, and if you are someone who loves meal prepping, then i want you to check out the easy keto meal prep cookbook. This is my latest cookbook and it’s been out for just under a year now, and everyone is absolutely loving. It you can get it from amazon, big, w qbg demix, all of the good cookbook stores here in australia. So i don’t want to waste too much more of your time. Let’S get started so we’re starting off with the granola out of my easy keto meal.

Prep cookbook: this is from week 6 and we’re starting off with some raw almonds, some raw walnuts. You could use pecans there as well some sunflower seeds they go in there. We have some almond flour. We also have some desiccated coconut. You could use any type of shredded coconut that would be totally fine.

We’Ve got some white chia seeds. You could use black chia seeds there too, and we have one egg so that it all holds together as we cook this in the oven. Now we have well a fair amount of butter because we are keto, so butter, good and liquid stevia this hazelnut flavored one works really well in this granola. Any type of sweetener will work for you as well. Now, if you pulse this for about 20 to 30 times, you want to make sure that there’s just no big lumps left, you’ll scrape down the sides and scraping down the sides, will help make sure that there’s no big lumps left as you’re pulsing through, and then You just want to get a sheet pan with some parchment paper over the top and just place all of the granola out into a flat-ish type surface.

You want to put that into the oven for about 15 minutes at 180 degrees celsius or 355 degrees fahrenheit. So the next recipe is my sheet pan harissa chicken – and this is by far my favorite recipe to meal prep. At the moment, it’s capsicum you want to remove some of those seeds or what you might call bell peppers and look. I’M no chopping expert, so chop them. However, you like, but if you do have really large bell peppers like this one, you may want to chop those chopped parts in half if that makes sense, so you don’t have monstrous pieces of capsicum in your meals.

Now you can use red onion, you could use white onion, you could use brown onion, it really doesn’t matter. You want to use about half and you just want to do a medium dice on those again, no chopping expert. So don’t criticize me on my chopping skills. It’S just all going onto the sheet pan. You want to make sure that once you’ve put that onion onto the sheet pan that you rough it around a little bit, so it’s all like mixed evenly together.

Now we’re going to put some garlic on top the garlic you can use as much or as little as you like. Some people don’t like garlic at all, so you can leave it off. I put about three cloves in there and that is really good. Now, chicken thighs in australia, they come without the skin and without the bone so get whatever chicken thighs you can that are available in your country, and you want to top that with some olive oil and put that into the oven for about 20 to 25 minutes Season, the top with salt and pepper to your desire and let’s check on the granola, so the granola has been in the oven for about 15 minutes now, and it looks like one big cooked biscuit, so you want to break it up into something that looks a Little bit more like granola and spread that out in the pan, back in the oven for about 10 minutes, maybe – and it will come out golden brown just want to start sectioning – that out into some meal, prep containers, square meal, prep containers or smaller ones will probably Work best for this, because it’s not a huge serving of granola, but you just want to divide that up now. There is a fantastic brand of yogurt that i get from aldi and it’s called yogiri and it’s a high protein low, carb style of just natural plain ordinary greek yogurt, and it works really really well with this recipe and it’s really low in carbs.

If you do want to add some almond milk to this, make sure you get the unsweetened variety and that will work really well for breakfast now we’re going to create a harissa paste for going on top of the chicken and it’s a combination of the yogurt. I showed you before and harissa paste now. If you don’t have harissa paste, you can use crushed chili, that’s going to be very similar in taste. You want about 100 grams or 3.5 ounces of the yogurt, and you want about two tablespoons of harissa paste in there.

Now, if you like it more spicy, then you could obviously add more or if you like it less spicy. You could obviously add less just make sure it’s uniform in color, and you would just want to set that aside. Whilst you get the harasser chicken out of the oven, so the sheet pan chicken has come out of the oven and it’s been in there for about 25-20 minutes. The internal temperature is 165 fahrenheit or 74 degrees celsius and i’ve just moved it over to the side. So i can put the capsicum into those meal prep containers, then i’m going to put the chicken on top and you’ll see why i do that in a second, so i’ve divided the chicken thighs up evenly between four meal.

Prep containers we’re going to put that harissa. Greek yogurt sauce on top of each piece of chicken. Now i’ve got about a block of feta and that gets divided up into four sections and i’ll come back to those other blocks later, but you’re just going to crumble that over the entire meal prep container. It’S just going to work really well with this fresh dill. Now, usually i’m not a big fan of dill, but in this recipe it just works so so well, so fresh dill, all over the meal, prep containers and it’s delicious try it out.

Try it out this week. The next recipe is my lemongrass ginger and sesame fish. This is also out of my sheet pan dinners ebook, and this is just one of my favorite ones – that i’d love to meal prep, because it’s so easy now you just slice up some of the lemon you’re, also going to remove the woody ends of the asparagus. That’S a trick. Jamie oliver taught me, and so you just remove the woody end there.

Now you can slice up the lemongrass like that or you can slice the whole stalk into four sections and then bash it with the back of your knife. Now i’ve got some pieces of aluminium foil, yes, aluminium and we’re putting some asparagus down on the bottom there. Now you can use any type of fish here, i’m using a mix between basa and hoki, and you could use salmon if you really wanted to. If you don’t like fish, you could also use chicken you’re, placing the lemon on top and then some of the lemongrass in there. You want about a tablespoon of butter that goes into this parcel as well, along with some toasted sesame seed oil.

If you’ve just got regular sesame seed oil, that would be fine, too and then, along with some sesame seeds that go in there just for some added texture and flavor. Now you want to either put some fresh ginger in there or some ginger like i’ve, got and wrap that parcel up. So it’s going to go in the oven as a steamed piece of fish inside this piece of aluminium foil, and you want to do that four times with the remaining fish and all of the remaining ingredients. Now that goes on a sheet pan that goes into the oven for about 20 minutes, and the fish is absolutely divine when you open those parcels, you’ll be able to smell all of that fresh aromatic flavor, and it’s just fantastic now. The best thing about this recipe is that all you have to do is pick those parcels up and put it straight into a meal.

Prep container, it’s pretty easy and it’s relatively mess-free, so you can switch this recipe for lunch or dinner during the week, along with the harissa chicken and the granola. This is three meals a day for all the way up until thursday, and you can do another half prep on thursday night so that you have enough for the week now. Electrolytes are really important, but also water. You can use a soda stream to make it a bit more interesting, some black tea, some black coffee, and you could also pair this with some kombucha. Now i got this from woolies.

You can get it from coles and aldi as well. They taste amazing and they’re zero carbs. Thank you so much for watching this meal. Prep video, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below i’m more than happy to answer any of your questions again, all of the macros and the recipes and the ingredients and the shopping list is in the pdf. In the description of this video, and also in the first comment, so if you haven’t already got that, definitely go ahead and check that out and if you are someone who loves meal prepping, then the easy keto meal prep cookbook is for you.

You can get it at all good cookbook stores here in australia and if you are from australia, i would love to hear from you in the comments below. I hope those specific ingredient suggestions has helped and if you want to see more of that, let me know in the comments below so good luck and i will see you in the next meal. Prep video Dr. Mindy here and I want to talk about the Ketogenic Diet for Women, so, as most of you have been following me over the last week or so know that I did a big event on Women and Hormones, and at that event I launched a 30-Day Reset Called the Ketobiotic Reset for Women and the purpose of today’s Facebook live is to explain to you the ins and outs of this last week. I talked a lot about why I think women should be doing the ketogenic diet differently.

Today, I want to talk about how you do the ketogenic diet differently. So, for starters, the other thing you’ll know is that I call it the ketobiotic diet, because one of the biggest downfalls of the ketogenic diet is that people start to give up on fruits and vegetables, and especially, you know, obviously fruits but especially vegetables, and I really Feel, like you need vegetables and fermented foods to really feed your good bacteria, so I call it keto biotic as a reminder to you to keep eating your vegetables, just like your mom said right. So, okay, how do you do the Ketobiotic Reset for Women ready? So I’m gon na give you four things: you’re gon na do immediately like right now: okay, first thing: you’re gon na go to drmindypelz.com and at the top of my website, you’re going to click on free start guide, and I, when you click on that you’re going To get this beautiful guide that I and a graphic artist worked on creating it’s everything you need to know about doing your 30 days.

I have got meditations in there to help calm your nervous system. We’Ve got shopping guides. I’Ve got a chart on how you pick, which day, how, what day you do what so start off by going there first. Okay, second thing, then you have there’s two apps on your phone that are crucial. The first one is called clue.

It’S going to help. You figure out where you are in your cycle, so now I know a lot of you are thinking either your postmenopausal or you don’t have a cycle anymore. What do you do if you’re one of those people I highly recommend you start this reset on day, one? So it without, if you’re, if you really have been going without a period for a long period of time in your under fifty reach out, you actually need more help than just a typical reset. Okay, so you’re gon na download clue second app you’re gon na download.

It’S called carb manager, it’s how you determine how many carbs and protein you get. Okay, second step. Third thing: you’re gon na decide when you’re gon na start this reset. So some of you, I know, are gon na download everything. You’Re gon na get all the information.

Then you’re gon na sit on it for weeks and weeks and weeks and try to figure out when you’re going to start. Let me tell you something: I’ve noticed about very successful people, people who succeed in life, it doesn’t matter what they succeed in, follow one rule and that’s called speed of implementation. So when you want something, so if you want to reset your hormones, my recommendation is that you download the guide. Today you get the the carb, the clue in the carb manager, and then you pick that date and what you’re doing is you’re moving yourself into action and you’re, not sitting back and just waiting. That’S how people get healthy is when they actually put themselves into action.

So pick your start date and then also make sure that you’re part of my Resetter tribe, so that you can ask questions. I have support there for you to be able to ask questions. Okay, now that that’s out of the way, how the heck do you do? This reset, so here’s what’s gon na happen when you get on the clue, app you’re, going to figure out what day you you ovulate, what day your period is is or your cycle is that okay, so, for example, right now, I’m on day 20. Now, I’m on day 21.

Okay, so I would then pull out my my my chart and I would go to day 21 right there and on day 21. It says I’m supposed to do a mineral day. So then, I would go to the back to my charts and I would look up mineral day and I would okay. Here is a mineral day on a mineral day, I’m supposed to keep my carbohydrates under a hundred grams, my protein under a hundred and I’m supposed to make sure that 60 % of the food that I eat comes from good fat and I’m supposed to try to Eat as many of these foods as possible, so I am focusing on that day on adding mineral rich foods in such as grass-fed lamb, grass-fed meat, cashews, pumpkin things like that. Okay, that’s what I want you focused on then tomorrow, when I get up tomorrow will be.

Let me tell you tomorrow is going to be an amino acid day. So on that day, what I will do is go to my chart and I will look up amino acid day and on amino acid day here it comes here, it comes there. It is tells me at the top. What I’m supposed to do. I am supposed to stay to a hundred grams of carbohydrates, a hundred grams of protein sound familiar, and I’m supposed to have to be getting more lentils into my diet.

I’M supposed to get more pumpkin seeds, I’m supposed to do some seaweed and some chickpeas, so I’m gon na try to work on adding these foods in so each day, you’re told what style of eating you’re supposed to eat. Does that make sense? Now, if you, if you were at my event or you listened to me last week, the way that this reset is set up is the first two weeks you can do your keto, just fine one through fourteen. You can do really well, but once day 14 happens. You’Re now making progesterone and progesterone is your anti-anxiety hormone and you need specific foods, vitamin C foods B, 6 vitamin E amino acids, l-arginine minerals.

You need zinc, magnesium. You need foods that are rich in this in it with these nutrients, so that you can make enough progesterone, because progesterone is gon na calm, your brain and it’s gon na bring estrogen down okay, so on day 14 the reset changes we have you eat more of Those foods make sense, Now, let’s talk fasting for a second, the first couple of weeks, you can get away with fasting one through 14. I give you some days that I recommend you, like I say: hey today, do a 24-hour fast for those of you that are my fasting experts that have been doing a ton of fasting like on what day do I give that to you on day? Four, you can do a keto and a 24-hour fast for those of you that are knowing a dinner dinner fastest. You can do it on day, four of your cycle, but when we get down to day 25 and you’re doing a mineral day where you’re doing where you’re really building progesterone, I don’t want you fasting that long.

You should be fasting anywhere from 12 to 16 hours. Your body can’t fast when it’s trying to make hormones it needs those carbs. It needs you to eat. Okay, so that’s the the protocol. I think in this guide I’ve done the best job that I know how to do.

I’Ve created steps for you, so you just follow the steps, and one of one of my recommendations is that you go to the Resetter page and if you have any question, I’m there every day, just put you know to. Let me know that you downloaded it and I will make sure that you and tell me I’m on day such-and-such what do I do about such and such and I’m there to answer that question for you every single day. Okay, pretty excited about this. If you were at our event, I talked about supplements. I recommend that you use the supplements during this reset they’re, geared towards balancing your hormones they’re geared at repairing your gut.

I will be doing more. Facebook lives talking about the the microbiome and how it regulates estrogen. So stay tuned for that we are going to be talking more about. How do you train your parasympathetic response? I’M a huge fan of using things like meditation, chiropractic, CBD oil things like that really help train that parasympathetic response so, but I think you’re gon na see this frickin rocks and I’m very excited to share it with you.

Please engage in it. Let me know how do and if you have any questions you know where to find me have an awesome day.

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