Weight Loss For Women On the Mediterranean Diet

Losing weight is hard, especially if your genes make it an uphill struggle! No matter what the “average” woman has been told over again, “If you want to lose weight, you just have to do this… “, there are really only a few easy things you can do to lose weight. Most women don’t know what these things are, or how to do them, but they CAN be done! Even though it may seem like impossible to find that one magic plan that will guarantee weight loss for women, the truth is, you can. All you have to do is…

weight loss for women

* Eating right can actually help you lose weight. Most women think that the ONLY way they’ll gain weight is by eating a ton of junk food or eating whatever “healthy” food they can get their hands on. The fact is, you don’t have to do either of those things to gain weight. In fact, you can eat the “unhealthy” foods that you’ve always liked without gaining any weight AT ALL.

* Eating REAL foods that give your body nutrients AND help curb your appetite is the key. Now, while there are foods out there that are good dietary choices and make for great meals, there are plenty more that are bad choices. For example, most foods that are labeled as “low fat” or “low carb” are nothing more than synthetic fillers. You need to avoid these at all costs. However, there are plenty of healthy, low fat, high nutrient “no fat” foods that can make a great part of your weight loss diet.

* Learning how much exercise you need is another important part of weight loss for women, since the amount of calories you eat and the intensity of exercise will impact how much weight you gain. There are many ways to go about adding physical activity to your lifestyle, from walking to using the stairs instead of the elevator to simply taking long walks. As always, consult your physician before starting any new fitness routine. Also, make sure to use the stairs when taking a brisk walk because it’ll burn more calories. Make sure you monitor your progress closely and add more walks as you see your weight loss goals.

* There is one thing you must realize about calories and your weight loss goals-no matter what you eat, you always lose more calories than you put in. Even if you’re doing everything correct and following a healthy diet, it’s going to take a lot of willpower and effort to burn calories to the point where you’ll have lost enough to stay healthy. So, in order to keep yourself motivated, you need to find foods that contain high amounts of calories but very few nutrients. That’s where “no calorie” foods come into play. These foods are very popular among dieters simply because they are easy to lose weight with and are considered by some to be “fad foods”.

* Another study that was done on the Mediterranean diet found that those who followed the diet had significantly lower incidents of heart disease and strokes compared to those who didn’t. There were also fewer incidences of cancer. While the study was conducted over a 10-year period, there isn’t a definitive link between diet and cancer. However, those who ate the Mediterranean diet had significantly lower incidences of heart disease and strokes when they looked at their bodies afterwards. The results were even more remarkable when it came to colon cancer. For those who adhere to the diet, this can mean an end to their chances of developing this dreaded disease.