Pre-Existing Diabetes Preconception Care

meal planning for women

Pre-Existing Diabetes Preconception Care

Meal planning for women can be slightly different than it is for men. Men usually have a specific food that they eat on special occasions and for special meals. Women usually have some sort of a weekly diet, depending on whether they are pregnant nursing or taking prescription medication. Women who are trying to lose weight should definitely consider changing their diet and doing some meal planning for women.

A low calorie food meal plan for women should probably contain a combination of vegetables and low calorie fruits. Some low carb diabetic recipes will even require just a sprinkle of shredded cheese over top. If you’re on a moderate weight loss plan and you’re still gaining too much and losing too little, your meal planning for women could include a fair amount of proteins, a fair amount of fiber and perhaps a bit of complex carbohydrates. This is because most people find carbohydrates boring and they make you feel sluggish.

A great meal planning for women’s diet plan would include a combination of whole grain foods like brown rice and whole wheat pasta and a baked sweet potato. Don’t overdo the baked potato though. This doesn’t have to be the entire meal. You can sprinkle it over at the end of the day with some low calorie, high fiber veggies. This would be a fantastic way to end the day.

Another thing that needs to be considered with meal planning for women is exercise. It should probably come together with the other weight loss aspects of the plan. Since women want to lose weight and build muscle, the last thing that they need is more fat. If they do any kind of strength training at all, the best meals for weight loss and building muscle are going to be low calorie and high protein.

Now, if you are a woman who is also a diabetic, you might want to seriously consider a diabetic meal plan. Diabetic meal planning for women can actually be much more restrictive than the general low calorie and high protein variety. The meal plans that are recommended by many doctors and nutritionists tend to call for plenty of vegetables as well as a very limited amount of meat, which can be hard for diabetics to eat in sufficient quantities or with sufficient flavors.

Your doctor should discuss the best way to receive preconception care for women with pre-existing type 2 diabetes. Your plan of attack for losing weight and building muscle while at the same time avoiding fats and sugar will change a lot based on what you already have in place as far as health concerns are concerned. Even if you do not have diabetes, you may benefit from receiving insulin, glucose monitoring and possibly even some nutrition counseling. The main thing is to do whatever it takes to ensure that you not only have the best opportunity to have a happy and healthy pregnancy, but that you also have an opportunity to take the necessary precautions to make sure that your baby comes into the world as healthy as possible.