Plan Meal Planning For Women

meal planning for women

Plan Meal Planning For Women

Most women who are overweight usually have a difficult time when it comes to creating their own meal plans for low calorie food plan. It’s really hard to imagine how it must feel to suddenly reduce your calorie intake by half or even more than that. It can indeed be a tough thing to do and it can also be very confusing as well. But don’t worry. There are already guides that can help you plan your own low calorie meal plan so that you won’t have to go through this ordeal. These guides are created by professionals who have experience and knowledge in planning and creating meal plans for women.

Thus, the first plan is the 1200 calorie food pyramid. This pyramid is divided into four main categories which are Low calorie, Medium calorie, High calorie and Low fat foods. Thus, the maximum calorie you can eat is 1200 calories below your daily normal calorie intake. Moreover, this recommended amount of calories is about 500 calories lower than the average daily calorie intake for women. Thus, by cutting down to 1200 calories, women ought to be able to shed off about 1 pound per week from their body.

The next recommended food pyramid is Low calorie meal plan. It means that you need to eat less calories from food. The suggested amount of calorie intake is 1200 calories. This caloric intake is about what you may get from vegetables and other low-calorie food items like cakes, cookies and other low-fat foods. You don’t need to buy those foods since they can be readily available in your local supermarkets.

The third pyramid is High-calorie foods. You need to eat more than the recommended amount of high-calorie food to obtain a balanced diet. If you are on the low side of the food pyramid, you should consume plenty of fruits, vegetables and other low-calorie food items to attain a balanced diet; meanwhile, you can still consume meat and other high-calorie food items in small amounts.

The fourth plan meal plan is High-protein and Low-carbohydrate plan. In this pyramid, you need to eat more protein than the others. To do that, you can take more than one gram of protein for every pound of body weight of an adult woman. Also, you need to be careful with the fats that you take. You need to limit the total amount of saturated fats and trans fats to two grams and unsaturated fats to five grams for every one gram of body weight of an adult woman.

Finally, meal planning for women involves healthy eating habits and good nutrition. You need to have a well balanced meal every day. You can choose to have a meal alone or you can accompany it with a glass of wine or with your dessert. Your dessert should not be heavy or rich; rather, you can consider eating fruits or cake. You can have a snack between your meal and another piece of healthy food such as nuts, cheese or yogurt.