Why is Keto Ideal for Women?

There’s actually some pretty solid reasons as to why women can really excel on the ketogenic diet, not to say that men cannot, but women actually physiologically have some advantages that make it so that they can possibly utilize fat as a fuel source even better than men. I’M going to break them down, I’mContinue reading “Why is Keto Ideal for Women?”

Top 5 Indian Cooking Oils For Weight Loss

Do you know who is fucking with your health more than McD and Coke? Refined Oil Manufacturers Because we atleast know that McD and Coke are bad for our state So we try and avoid them. But most of us believe that refined oils are’ Healthy’ Sunflower, Safflower, Canola claim that they do not haveContinue reading “Top 5 Indian Cooking Oils For Weight Loss”

SUPPLEMENTS: WHAT to take, WHY to take, WHEN to take

hey guys I know I’ve been meaning to make this video for Wycombe oh sorry it made me so long in this video I’m going to be going over a variety of adds-on all of them I have personally used myself why to take them when to make them as well as who should takeContinue reading “SUPPLEMENTS: WHAT to take, WHY to take, WHEN to take”

Apple Cider Vinegar and Weight Loss

today we’re going to talk about apple cider vinegar for weight loss what is it where do you get it does it actually work we tried it and here’s what we found out when people refer to apple cider vinegar or ACB they are usually talking about this stuff apple cider vinegar is natural undaContinue reading “Apple Cider Vinegar and Weight Loss”

How To LOSE WEIGHT After 35 Naturally (WEIGHT LOSS OVER 35!)

Are you 35 or older and want to lose weight Naturally? Watch this video and I’ll break down all the steps you need to take. [theme music]. This is Ivana helping you get fit healthy and strong at any age. If that sounds good to you, please do subscribe and hit that bell. I’m aContinue reading “How To LOSE WEIGHT After 35 Naturally (WEIGHT LOSS OVER 35!)”