Apple Cider Vinegar and Weight Loss

today we’re going to talk about apple cider vinegar for weight loss what is it where do you get it does it actually work we tried it and here’s what we found out when people refer to apple cider vinegar or ACB they are usually talking about this stuff apple cider vinegar is natural unda stilled raw and it’s made from fresh crushed apples which are allowed to mature naturally in wooden barrels the mother is that stuff at the bottom of the bottle some people say it looks like cobwebs from what we could tell the liquid ACB works better than the pill form probably because it is more pure and natural the liquid form is cheaper too so that’s always good how or why does it work for one it balances your body’s pH making it less acidic this might make your metabolism work better also it helps remove toxins from your body and it adds minerals and nutrients to your body making it generally healthier apple cider vinegar can also help your body metabolize sugars more efficiently it also works as an appetite suppressant how much how often the Bragg people recommend one to two teaspoons not tablespoons in distilled water first thing in the morning as well as one hour before lunch and dinner that’s teaspoons not tablespoons yes the taste can be strong does it work from what we found for some people it really does work one person said I lost 11 pounds with no other changes another said just wanted to let everyone know ACV works I have lost 5 pounds in 5 days with no exercise still another person said since starting the ACB I have lost a total of 16 and a half pounds I do not crave sweets and I have a lot more energy I am eating smaller portions as well overall we tried it and we give it a thumbs up it is worth trying because it is cheap and easy and you can tell right away whether or not you’re going to be able to keep drinking it where do I get it you can get apple cider vinegar online or at the health food store be sure you get the right kind the one with the mother click the link below for our post on this where we include the best prices for buying online as always check with your doctor before you start a weight loss program if you like this video Oh be sure to hit subscribe above for more